Past Events 2019-2020 #2

May 6, 20209


Lions Help Others During COVID-19 Pandemic

District 23C received a $10,000 grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to purchase and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE's) within the four counties within the district: Middlesex, New London, Tolland and Windham.

Masks, protective face shields, gloves, glove liners, tyvek suits, booties, and disinfectants were purchased and donated to facilities throughout the district.

Lions within District 23C sewed about $20,000 worth of gowns that were distributed. Another $4,000 were donated to the Lions.

Every nursing home in all four counties were contacted to see if they needed PPE supplies and about 95% welcomed them with open arms.


photo of Masks for CT sign.

The photo above is the sign for the Masks for CT events.

Bob and Amy Stefanowski and the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, WPLR 99.1FM, Yale, and other groups helped to sponsor the Masks for CT events.

photo of lion Bill and PCC Nanette Burdick packaging masks to be given out.

The photo above is of lion Bill Burdick packaging masks and PCC Nanette Burdick holding one of the completed packages of five masks.

Many volunteers packaged masks at Middletown High School on Wednesday, May 13th including: Middletown lions Audrey Klein, Jeanna Pellino and Ada Spillane along with other lions PCC Nanette and Bill Burdick, Carol Pager, Lisa Klein Giles, Sheila and Leo Royce, Nicole Reardon, Petronella Martin, and PDG Mary krogh.

More than 10,000 masks were given out at Middletown High School on Thursday, May 14th. In fact, the 1,000,000th mask was given away at this event. Middletown Mayer Ben Florsheim was in attendance for this event. Middletown lion Audrey Klein also assisted at this event.

On Friday, May 15th, over 70,000 masks were bagged at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. PCC Nanette and lion Bill Burdick helped with this event.

Masks were given out on Tuesday, May 19th at Mohegan Sun from 7am to 2pm. Some of the lions participating at this event were PCC Nanette and lion Bill Burdick.

On Friday, May 15th East Hampton lions Skip Wiley and Region Chair, Allen Guiot brought their club food trailer to Middletown and gave food out at Apple Rehab.


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