Past Events 2019-2020 #1

June 18, 2019


Michelle Lavoie Inducted

On Tuesday evening June 18, 2019 at our final meeting of the year the membership of the Middletown Lions Club grew once again.


The photo to the left is of Council Chair, Hilary Kumnick (right) inducting Michelle Lavoie as a Lion (left)as her proud sponsor and fiance Jim Byer looks on (center).


The photo to the right is of Jim Byer placing a lions pin on Michelle as Council Chair, Hilary looks on.


Now that Michelle was a lion, she was given a few minutes to tell the club a bit more about herself or whatever she wanted to say.

Congratulations Michelle and welcome to our family.

June 18, 2019


A President's Praise

Prior to the Installation of Officers President, Howard Geltman stood to speak to the club members. He told the members how proud he was of each one for their hard work this past year.

President Howard reminded all of the club members that he had told them at their first Board of Directors meeting the previous August that, "I am going to push the club past its comfort level so the members do not become complacent in what had been done in previous years.". He also told them at that meeting that, "I would rather see us try new things and if they don't work out we will know that we had at least tried rather than not trying at all.

President Howard read to the club all of the achievements that the club had done during the year while preparing for its 90th Anniversary Gala that was held in January.

President Howard congratulated all of the members for a job well done. He told the members that he was presending each member with a Certificate of Appreciation for working so hard this past year.


The photo to the left is of Secretary, Terri Geltman reading the Certificate of Appreciation that all members will receive.


The photo to the right is of incoming Lion Tamer, Audrey Klein proudly showing off her Certificate of Appreciation.


Again, Congratulations to all of our members for a wonderful year of hard work and service to the Middletown community.

June 18, 2019


Officer Installation 2019-2020

On Tuesday, June 18th, the Middletown Lions Club held its Installation of Officers which was conducted by Council Chair, Hilary Kumnick..

What made this event so very special was that Council Chair, Hilary had previously inducted our newest member Lion Michelle Lavoie.


The photo to the left is of Debra Royce being installed as Tail Twister.


The photo to the right is of Audrey Klein taking her oath of office as Lion Tamer. We do not have the actual photo of Audrey's installation.


The photo to the left is of Martin Knight being installed as 1st Vice President.


The photo to the right is of Helen Shramek taking her oath of office as 2nd Vice President.


The photo to the left is of Elderrean Paules being installed as Membership Chair once again.


The photo to the right is of Richard Pelletier taking his oath of office as club Treasurer.


The photo to the left is of Terri Geltman taking her oath of office as club Secretary.


The photo to the right is of Howard Geltman being installed as club President for another term.


The photo to the left is of Council Chair, Hilary Kumnick showing his gift off that President Howard had presented to him. The gift was a Cross Pen..



Congratulations to all of our newly elected officers!

October 5, 2019


KidSight Eye Screenings

On Saturday, October 5th the Middletown Lions Club sponsored a KidSight Eye Screening at the South District Fire Station Open House.

Club Treasurer, Richard Pelletier along with the assistance of Bob Jones of the East Hampton Lions Club were the two vision screeners. Bob also brought the equipment to us for the screening and we thank him for his gracious assistance. Twenty-two children were screened.

Club Secretary, Terri Geltman with asistance from husband Club President, Howard Geltman helped parents register their children for the screenings and passed out stickers and Tootsie Rolls to children who were screened.


The photo to the left is of Lion Bob Jones of the East Hampton Lions screening a child as his mother looks on.


While we were doing the KidSight Screenings members of our club were busy passing out club handouts and membership applications, and selling candy for our candy fundraiser. These members included: 1st Vice President, Martin Knight, Membership Chair, Elderrean Paules, and lion Tammy Heckstall.

We screened children and sold candy from 10am to 2:30pm.

Our emphasis was to screen children that were Home Schooled.

We thank Chief Mastrioni and the firemen and firewomen for being such wonderful hosts to us once again this year.

During the months of September and October Members of the Portland, Killingworth, Middletown, and Cromwell (prospective members) screened children in nine Middletown and two Portland Elementary Schools. aproximately 2,170 students were screened.



The photo above shows (from left to right) Lions Michael Pelton, Nancy Keyes, Rich Pelletier, Marcia Nicol, Sarah Weeden, and Pam Wilcox/Dapkus.

October 15, 2019


District Governor Visitation

On Tuesday evening, October 15, 2019 the Middletown Lions Club was honored to have our Zone Chair, Maryjane Malavasi, Region Chair, Teri Schlosser, and District 23-C Governor, Diana Grise and her husband Lion Don visit our club and have dinner with us.

After we had finished our normal business for the evening President, Howard Geltman introduced Zone Chair, Maryjane Malavasi. She then introduced Region Chair, Teri Schlosser who introduced District 23-C Governor, Diana Grise.


The photo to the left is of District 23-C Governor, Diana Grise speaking to the members of our club.


The photo to the right is of District 23-C Governor, Diana presenting her friendship banner to club President, Howard.


The photo to the left is of President, Howard presenting District 23-C Governor, Diana with a gift from the members of our club.

November19, 2019


Granting a Holiday Wish

November is just one month away from Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and all other holiday celebrations.

Tuesday evening, November 19 the Middletown Lions Club held its monthly dinner meeting. That evening we had a special guest speaker, Jeanna Pellino, Program Coordinator of the Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding Center at the Daniels Farm in Middletown. The riding center is associated with the Hospital for Special Care.

Jeanna talked to us about how the riding center helps men, women, and children with physical and emotional issues to help get themselvws feeling better once again. She told us that there were some clients who don't ride the horses. They get their satisfaction and better feelings just by caring or petting the horses. There are others who by riding the horses feel better just by feeling the motion of the horse beneath them.

Jeanna told us about a young blind woman named Taylor, who gets herself feeling better by riding on a horse. She told us that Taylor wanted to ride during the winter months but could not afford it.


The photo to the left is of club President Howard Geltman presenting Jeanna Pellino with a Certificate of Appreciation and a check for fifty-dollars.


Jeanna's story about Taylor pulled at all of our heart strings.

After Jeanna left our President and club Treasurer Richard Pelletier talked for a few moments. President Howard suggested to the members that we give an additional three-hundred dollars towards Taylor's winter riding. this would total three-hundred and fifty dollars from our members. As President Howard put it, "We are Knights of the blind"! A motion was made and passed to provide the extra funding for Taylor.

Taylor, your wish has been granted! Happy riding and Happy Holidays.

January 18, 2020


Humanitarian of the Year

On Saturday, January 18, 2020 District 23C held its Humanitarian of the Year Awards Luncheon for 2019-2020 at Saint Clements Castle in Portland, Connecticut.

Lions clubs throughout the District 23-C submitted nominees names with a letter of what each nominee had done to serve their respective communities to receive an honor.

Three groups were formed to select one nominee from each to be submitted as finalists with one selected to receive a Melvin Jones Fellowship.

All thirteen nominees were honored as a 2019-2020 Humanitarian of the Year. Each received a proclamation from either a State or local Representative and a plaque.

The Middletown Lions Club had nominated Jeanna Pellino of Middletown for her work at Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding Center with children, youth, and adults who had physical and/or emotional impairments, or people who just felt better riding or helping with the horses. Through riding a horse these people were aided in so many ways.


The photo above shows (from far left to right) President, Howard Geltman of the Middletown Lions Club, District 23-C Governor, Diana Grise, Lion Ted Krogh (holding the Proclamation from the Mayor of Middletown,, Benjamin Florsheim, Honoree Jeanna Pellino (holding a Proclamation from U.S. State Senator, Richard Blumenthal and U.S. State Representative, Joe Cortney both of Connecticut), International Director, Mark Lyon (holding a 2019-2020 Humanitarian of the Year Plaque).

Jeanna was accompanied to the awards banquet by her husband John and her mother Bettey Amato. Middletown lions who were present sitting with them were President, Howard Geltman, Secretary, Terri Geltman and Membership Chair, Elderrean Paules to help Jeanna celebrate her wonderful honor.

There were about two-hundred lions and guests at this wonderful event. Congratulations to all award recipients!

April 8, 2020


A Former Member Passes Too Soon

Fred A. Slayden III, son of lion Sandra Reynolds became a member of the Middletown Lions Club in 2014.

Wherever Fred went he had his trusty little service dogs. He enjoyed coming to meetings and was always willing to offer suggestions. On Tuesday, June 14, 2016 Fred was installed as club Treasurer. During his year as Treasurer, he was meticulous with his record keeping and took on the position with much skill.

The photo above is of Fred with his Lions hat on ready to go.

He was an integral part of our club and assisted at all our events such as Halloween on Main Street.

In 2017 Fred moved down to Tyler, TX and transferred from the Middletown Lions Club to the Lions Club there.

On Wednesday, April 8th, Fred was killed in an automobile accident in Texas. A Good lion and wonderful man taken from all who loved and knew him too soon.

Our hearts are saddened by the loss of our brother lion and friend Fred. We are grateful to him for his compassion and energy with us as he helped to serve those in need in the Middletown community, along with his community in Tyler, TX.

Fred, you were a special person and a proud Lion. We will all miss you.


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