Past Events 2018-2019 #1

September 27, 2018


Middletown Lions Sponsor New Club

On Thursday evening, September 27, 2018 the Portland Lions Club held its Charter Night. To those of you who may not be Lions a Chartering of a new Lions Club is something so very special.

I guess you might say a new Lions Club was born that evening. It takes twenty members to form a new Lions Club. The Portland Lions Club has twenty-eight. It also takes another Lions Club to sponsor a new club. That is where the Middletown Lions Club came in.

The Middletown Lions club was asked if we wished to sponsor a new Lions Club in Portland and our vote was unanimous!

Members from the Middletown Lions Club that attended the Portland Charter Night were: President, Howard Geltman, 1st Vice President, Martin Knight, Secretary, Terri Geltman, Treasurer, Richard Pelletier, and Membership Chair, Ellie Paules.

Martin Knight who is now our 1st Vice President was asked to assist in the formation of the Portland Lions Club this past June while he was our club's President by our Past District Governor, Hilary Kumnick because of his vast knowledge of everything to do with "Lionism".

At the Charter Night there were so many Lions there from many different Lions Clubs to shower this new club with good wishes. Firstly, all of the new incoming members were "Inducted" as new Lions. Then, the new officers were "Installed" into their new positions within the club.

The photo to the left is of new Portland Lion Mark Tripp receiving his new Lions Pin from Region Chair, Michele Wyatt.

The photo to the right is of new Portland Lion James Tripp taking his oath of office as President of the Portland Lions Club from District 23C Governor, Laura Rowe.

The photo to the left is of Middletown Lions Club President, Howard Geltman presenting Portland Lions Club President, James Tripp with his new gavel.

The photo to the right is of Middletown Lions Club 1st Vice President, Martin Knight presenting the Portland Lions Club's President, James Tripp with their clubs new bell.


It was such a wonderful and memorable evening. Congratulations to our friends and neighbors in the Portland Lions Club.

September 27, 2018


45 Year Lion Benched!

Gee, you'd think it would only happen in sports that someone would get benched. But you are dead wrong in this case. The Middletown Lions Club has a proud heritage and some very special lions.

I am so very proud to be writing this article about a special lion and one of my childhood friends Martin George"Marty"Knight. Marty was sponsored into the Winsted Lions Club by Past District Governor, Milan "Mike" Knight on October 11, 1972. He then transferred into the Middletown Lions Club in September of 1976. He has been a Lion for almost forty-six years.

On Thursday morning, September 27th the City of Middletown provided a beautiful bench and the Middletown Lions Club had the plaque made and placed on the bench. The bench sits on the Middletown South Green directly across from the South Congregational Church and the YMCA.

The President of the Middletown Lions Club, Howard Geltman started the ceremony off by welcoming everyone and introducing his honorable Mayor, Dan Drew who spoke about what Marty had meant to the Middletown community for a bit.


The photo to the left is of Middletown President, Howard Geltman welcoming everyone to Marty's Bench Dedication Ceremony and introducing Mayor Dan Drew.


The photo to the right is of his honorable Mayor, Dan Drew speaking to the attendees at Marty's bench dedication.


The photo to the left is of his honorable Mayor, Dan Drew shaking hands with Marty.


President Howard introduced District 23C Governor, Laura Rowe. She spoke about what Marty meant to Lions.


The photo to the right is of District Governor, Laura Rowe presenting Marty with a few special pins.



Just in case you cannot make out the text on the bench plaque (pictured above) here is what it says, "This bench is in honor of Martin George "Marty" Knight for his dedicated service to the Middletown Lions Club and the Middletown community."

We all were so very proud of our friend and brother Marty. I counted about thirty-five people present for Marty's Bench Dedication. What a wonderful turnout for a great person and wonderful Lion.


The photo to the right is of two childhood friends and Lions Howard Geltman and Marty Knight giving each other a great hug.


What a wonderful honor for a great Lion and friend. Congratulations Marty.

September 20, 2018


More New Members

The Middletown Lions Club inducted two new members on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Tina Ciarciello of Wethersfield and Audrey Klein of Haddam proudly joined the ranks of our club.


The photo to the left is of President, Howard Geltman inducting Tina Ciarciello (left), Audrey Klein (middle) while Audrey's sponsor Ellie Paules proudly stood by (right).


The photo to the right is of Lion Tamer, Sandra Reynolds assisting in pinning Tina Ciarciello with her Lions Pin.


The photo to the left is of Audrey Klein (left) being pinned by her sponsor Ellie Paules (right).


The photo above (from left to right) is of President, Howard Geltman (Tina's Sponsor), Tina Ciarciello, Audrey Klein, and Membership Chair, Ellie Paules (Audrey's Sponsor.

Congratulations Tina and Audrey and welcome to the Middletown Lions Club.

June 19, 2018


Officer Installation 2018-2019

On Tuesday evening June 19, the Middletown Lions Club held its monthly dinner meeting and its Installation of Officers.

Our special guest that evening Past Committee Chair, Nanette Burdick of the Mystic Lions Club conducted the installations.

The photo to the left is of outgoing President, Marty Knight (at the right) presenting the club bell and gavel to incoming President, Howard Geltman (at left).


The photo to the right is of PCC Nanette Burdick (shown behind), Incoming President, Howard Geltman (left), and outgoing President, Marty Knight )right).


Our Installation ceremony was laid back and personal. A great way for one Lions year to end and another to start.

Congratulations to all of our new officers for 2018-2019.


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